Director, Editor, Designer

Indie filmmaker Abhi Tundel is a native of Ahmedabad, India, and has worked for the past six years as a filmmaker, theater producer, and designer. Abhi’s work is always looking into the maddening realities of society, its melancholia, and the sole dread of mere human existence. Abhi also addresses the themes of equality, juxtaposition, and surreality through his work

He made his first experimental film at the age of 13 and has been writing and making films ever since. In early 2018, Abhi moved to the city of Bombay, India, which he now considers his hometown, to study filmmaking. During that period, he also started working as an editor and designer.

He has always been extremely vocal about both human and animal rights since he was a child, and has also worked with several NGOs and individuals to help those in need. In more recent years, Abhi has quit his work and is solely focusing on making art.