Don’t let it be love

I wish you were never sober, When you are sober the reality sets in and love becomes a headache,
The words you said, lose their meaning,
Whatever you did never happened, it was all just something that was meant to be kept inside of you deep deep deep down in your heart but it came out like vomit after drinking too much.
I wish you were always drunk cuz then I wouldn’t be here begging for your attention you don’t give, for the love you don’t do,
For the need that kills me,
But, I love you, I need you and I’ll die for you, I lay in my bed saying to myself,
I wish you were never sober

– Abhi Tundel

So, I wrote this Poem for my Drunk lover that only existed in my dreams. But, A lot of people go through this on a daily basis. Like it or not, One-sided Love Sucks. Truth is, We go through a million emotions on a daily basis but most of those emotions are directed towards those whom we love and those who love us back. But not everyone is lucky enough to be loved back. Some are only left on one side hoping to be ‘The One’ for the love of their lives. Some are rejected when they express their feelings while others are ‘friend zoned’ or fail to ever confess their emotions. And People sometimes take you for granted but when you love them, you always choose to ignore the way they hurt you. You only hope that one day they’ll realize it themselves.
Hating someone you once loved is just not possible. With every thought of them, your feelings only grow stronger making you feel more and more miserable without them. You try hard, but, alas! Always end up hoping to be with them. It truly is one of the worst feelings in the world. So, I’ve got only One piece of Advice for all my Broken Hearted people out there. Don’t let it be love. It hurts.

Thank you for reading
Have a happy day.

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